iAM voting booth
this is the official iAM voting booth.  

this is where all voting will take place in regards to the music and content from iAM.

iAM is a 13-track project, and the first official release of music from MAi.  released only on Audius and Emanate, this music has no current NFT's.  

link to "iAM" project: https://audius.co/maiworld/playlist/iam-56955

this voting booth may update so check back to see if more questions have been added or updated.

I want to premise this with a statement.  MAi/MAiWORLD is a web-3-first based creator, and will always prioritize and optimize the music and content to be released via this new frontier first and foremost.  

these voting booths are your opportunity to help me bridge the gap between this new world and the traditional by giving your opinion on how we can properly do so.

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member name (discord/twitter/metamask address, just something so i can identify you, or be anon) *
iAM (the 13-song project)  is currently only released on Audius and Emanate, two blockchain streaming platforms.  Would you like to see the music released on traditional platforms i.e. spotify/apply music/youtube/ect.? *
if yes when would you like to see the music get released? *
there are currently no NFT's minted from the music of the iAM project.  Would you like to see any songs from that project minted? *
if you said "yes" , what edition #/price would you desire most? *
what kind of editions are you most interested in collecting? *
would you like to see a remix project get made of any song w/ hand-picked curated artist/producers of MAi choice? *
if that remix project slapped hard enough would you like to see the songs get minted as NFT's?  *the collaborator(s) would receive an even split (50/50) of the profit from sale *
is there anything else you'd like to suggest in regards to the "iAM" project? (if no, simply leave blank)
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