The Covid 19 Experience
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Implemented a bedtime for children who think every night is a weekend now. *
Had the toilet paper conservation discussion. *
Reminded everyone that only a pea size amount of toothpaste is necessary. *
Designated one cup/glass per person/per day or similar. *
Been resourceful or creative with a meal. *
Used something from your cupboard that was out of date. *
Had someone to talk to when you felt overwhelmed. *
Ran out of a staple food (like butter, milk, goldfish). *
Picked up an old hobby. *
Started a new hobby. *
Pinched yourself to see if you were dreaming, and then still weren’t sure. (Figuratively Speaking) *
Encouraged someone who was feeling down. *
Put on a "happy face" for someone else. *
Put limits/boundaries on watching news or looking for new information.
Secretly (or openly) felt happy about some of the conditions of quarantine. (More time with family, slower paced living, extra time to do something you've been putting off, etc.) *
Felt empowered and confident about the way you handled something, like being creative with what's in the cupboard. *
Felt anxious without having previously been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. *
Felt depressed without having previously been diagnosed with a depression disorder. *
If you have struggled with depression, anxiety, focus issues or any other issue that you have seen a doctor or therapist for in the last 6 months, noticed that it is; *
Lost track of what day it is. *
Felt more rested than usual. *
Felt your sleep was more disrupted than ordinary. *
Started an exercise practice (including yoga), or increased your usual amount of exercise. *
Been more aware of eating well or eating less. *
Been more aware of eating poorly or eating more. *
Had a weight change. *
Found yourself wondering what to do next. *
Thought about starting a vegetable garden. *
Worried about if you have enough food, personal care supplies and other household items. *
Wondered or worried if you will be able to pay your bills. *
Wondered or worried if you will lose your business or job. *
Wondered or worried what this global crisis means for your children, grandchildren, next generation. *
Felt sad. *
Cried. *
Felt angry (about any part of this experience). *
Felt that the restrictions on your life and activities were unnecessary or overblown. *
Felt that the restrictions should be more extensive. *
Prayed *
Feel like there is a bigger picture that we can't see and that some positive things will come out of this. *
Thought more deeply about some part of your life or future. *
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