ABC Member Tax Survey
What is your top priority for reforming the tax code? *
Would you be willing to eliminate or modify the following tax provisions in exchange for lower rates? *
In order to lower rates, we have to "broaden the base." Below are among the most costly tax expenditures in the code.
Willing to eliminate
Willing to limit/curtail
Absolutely not- must be fully preserved
Deductibility of Mortgage Interest (Currently Applies to First 2 Homes)
Deduction of Net Interest Expense on Corporate Debt
State & Local Income/Property/Sales Tax Deduction
Charitable Contribution Deduction (Currently capped at 50% of AGI)
Direct Expensing of Capital Equipment via Section 179 (Currently capped at $500,000)
Accelerated/Bonus Depreciation (Current level of 50%)
How important is permanence to you? *
In order to pass a bill w/ 50 votes, it must be revenue neutral in the long run (after 10 years.) Congress will have to choose which elements of this plan will be permanent and which will expire a la the 01/03 Bush Tax Cuts.
How is your company organized? *
Most construction businesses pay taxes at individual rates- does yours?
Any other tax-related matters that ABC should strongly support or oppose?
Feel free to extrapolate on previous answers
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