Kristi Belcamino's ARC Team

This form is for readers who want to apply to Kristi Belcamino's ARC Team.

ARC stands for advanced reader copy. An ARC team is a kickass group of readers who get a free EARLY copy of a book in exchange for honestly reviewing the book within a week of the its release.

In addition, we ask that you spread the word about the book on social media.

We are looking for voracious readers and reviewers - to be on the launch team, you are required to review one book per month. This usually will be a new release, but there may be times when you will be asked to review an older book so if you haven't read it, you will be asked to read it.

Because the majority of her books on Amazon, you should also be able to review on that site.

Launch team members receive early copies of the book at least one week before the book is released. We still ask that you buy the book once it's live.


* Leave an honest review on Amazon. Doesn't have to be a 5 star review, but if you don't like gritty crime fiction, this ARC Team is probably not a good fit for you. In addition, if you are offended by the word "Fuck" you aren't going to like my books so you should probably skip applying for the team.

* Leave the review within 7 days and submit proof through a provided form.

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