Yearbook Shipping Request Form
Please fill out this form if you meet the below criteria:

1. You are not returning to Hillsdale next year and your new living situation prevents you from picking up your book.
2. Your new address is outside of San Mateo county and the general Bay Area.
3. You have an extreme circumstance that prevents you from picking up your book.

Please note that we cant guarantee that we will be able to ship your book. This form is a way for us to get an understanding of how many people cant pick up their book, and make a better decision based on the results.

This form is for people who truly cant pick up their books. We ask that you please respect the above criteria when thinking about your ability to pick up your book.
Please indicate if you are a parent/guardian or a student. *
Please write your first and last name. *
Please write the number of books you ordered. *
Please write the names of the student(s) that are receiving a book. *
Please write the full address and contact name for where you would need your book shipped. *
What date are you leaving San Mateo County and the general Bay Area? *
Do you have a friend or relative that will be able to pick your book up for you? *
Email *
Phone number *
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