AHIS596 Peer assistance
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Please mark the three people you have found the most helpful, either directly or indirectly
Please distribute your points based on who has been the most helpful to you or others in the class. Only mark three people maximum--if you mark more than three people, I'll have to throw out your response! Please rank #1 most helpful, #2 second most helpful, etc. You can rate this based on direct help with assignments over Slack, in class discussion, contributions made during our outside of class time, or whatever metric makes sense to you. [A note on how this will be used in grading: I will use this at the end of the semester to bump up grades if your peers see you as very helpful, but I will not penalize anyone who doesn't get a shoutout as very helpful. This is only meant to benefit you!]
Jeff Aldrich
Jesse Aragona
Emma Burkhart
John Epp
Jack Grobe
Tyson Luneau
Merissa Marthage
Owen McCarty
Clara Meyer
Aaron Noble
Amanda Partridge
Dan Petty
Josh Porter
Kristian Price
Renae Rapp
Sarah Scott
Shelah Shivers
Lauren Tenney
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