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Nagoya JALT members are always looking for great ideas, new information, and more. If you have a great presentation, workshop, or some other idea that you'd like to share with us, submit it below. You don't have to be a serious research academic book-type of person, we also invite real teachers with creative ideas. All proposals are vetted by qualified teachers, and are judged on the potential value for our members. We welcome proposals for children's classes, teenagers, young adults, and adult education. We also look for academic and research presentations, how-to presentations (like 'How to do qualitative analysis', 'How to write a successful conference proposal', etc), and more.

Presentations/workshops are usually held on a Sunday afternoon (1.30 to 4pm), but weekday evening meetings can also be done. Most meetings are at the centrally located Nagoya International Centre, in Meieki, close to Nagoya station. We can pay for transport (within Japan only) in most cases. We also welcome presentations in languages other than English.

If accepted, please tell all your friends and colleagues when and where your presentation will be, and invite them for support.
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Most presentations, workshops, discussions are two hours. Occasionally, we have an event where we invite a number of speakers for short presentations. It is also possible for you and a colleague to share a two hour timeslot. Please let us know and submit both abstracts below, labelled as "Abstract 1 + [speaker name]" and "Abstract 2 + [speaker name]"
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The transport cost will not affect our decision to invite you, but this question is for internal chapter communication purposes only. Nagoya based presenters do not have transport reimbursed. Note, we cannot reimburse presenters for international travel. Also, we may not pay transport costs for co-sponsored events; please confirm with a programme chair. Please refer to to calculate an estimate. We assume most presenters travel by train, and please assist us by calculating the cheapest possible means of attending, and purchase tickets at discount rates if available. Please keep all receipts.
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