Be a Guest Teacher on The $100 MBA Show
Thank you for your interest in being a guest teacher on The $100 MBA Show! We value and appreciate you sharing your knowledge with our audience. We've got over 80K listeners per episode eagerly waiting to hear from you!

The Show:

We are NOT an INTERVIEW show.
We are a lesson-based, short format show that delivers practical, actionable business lessons.
We provide lessons without pitching/selling the audience on a particular product or service.
Guests record their audio in their own time and send over the file to Nicole the producer.

Our Audience:

Our audience is made up of high-earning, tech-savvy professionals looking for topics to help build, manage and grow their business.

They like lessons on a specific topic, giving actionable and practical insights they can implement right away. They enjoy resources that can help them achieve your lesson focus quicker and more easily.

Here is a great example of best-selling author and podcast host, Chris Hogan, delivering his guest lesson on the show:

All other episodes can be found on our show page here:

What to do:

Before recording, (unless you've already chatted to Nicole/Omar) contact our producer, Nicole - - with your proposed lesson topic along with a couple of bullet points.

We ask you to record and keep your lesson at roughly 10-12 minutes MAX - please adhere to the timing guidelines.

1. Use a quality mic 🎤 (Ex: the Audio Technica ATR 2100 USB Mic is a good, basic quality mic). Pls don't use your laptop mic.
2. Record in a small, quiet space. (Your nicely ventilated, big office space is not one of these).
3. Make sure there are no background noises - email notifications, Skype, tapping sounds etc.
4.Send the file as an .Mp3.
5. ***ENERGY*** Keep the energy HIGH - especially at the start, enter with animation and enthusiasm. You need to follow Omar's animated intro, so be sure to be more energetic than you normally would be.

Your lesson will NOT be considered if the audio quality is poor and you if are overtly pitching/selling.

The below lesson format can be your guide: (to be used as a guideline and not a script).


Hey everybody/guys/there. I am ___(name)______. Thank you for joining me today. Today I’ll be teaching you _________________. So, let’s get down to business!

Lesson: The content of your lesson

Re-Cap: Highlight the major points/steps of your lesson


Alright guys, this was _______________________ . If you want to continue learning about__________/ learn more about ____________ you can visit (a landing page on your site with a freebie- this is optional or you can simply direct them to your site). Thanks again for joining me today! Back to Omar!

Omar will do the show's intro, end of lesson take-aways and we add your recording in the middle. So you don't need to spend any time introducing yourself, you can get straight into the meat of the lesson.

You can offer a give-away, freebie or direct them to a link at the end of your lesson.

We're excited to get your lesson! Happy recording!
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