Request for Litter Free 253 Clean-up Sites
Thank you for your interest in Litter Free 253 on Sat. April 17, 2021. Please help us clean up Tacoma by listing your ideas for possible public locations that need attention in our beautiful city. If you have multiple locations in mind- please feel free to submit this form more than once listing different locations.
(Please note that this is not the sign up form for Litter Free 253. Please visit to register!)
Please list a public Tacoma location in need of clean-up using the box below. (i.e.: street address, cross streets, any identification information pertaining to the location of interest would be helpful.) *
Please identify the Neighborhood Council area of the site you previously listed. *If you are unsure of the Neighborhood Council area of your suggested litter clean up site- please use the link below to put any Tacoma address in the virtual map to locate the Neighborhood Council boundaries:
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