MPN 2018 Survey
Dear Sir/Madam,

This survey is being conducted by the MPN Advocates Network, a subcommittee of the LePAF (Leukemia Patient Foundation) organization in Bern Switzerland. LePAF is a non-profit organization Patient Advocacy organization dedicated to providing patient groups and patient advocate’s information and tools for advocacy work with the Blood Cancer specific disease areas.

MPN Advocated Network’s mandate is to provide patient advocates the resources and knowledge to assist local support groups provide relevant information to patients and their support networks about the MPN Blood Cancer.

The information that you have provided is anonymous and will be securely housed by the MPN Advocates Network in London England, and the Canadian MPN Network Patient Advocacy Group in Canada for a period of one (1) year from the time of survey taken. Participation is voluntary and anonymous

The results from this survey will be aggregated and no identity will be disclosed in any form.

The purpose of the survey is to determine if there is a population of MPN Patients that are underserved, not having their needs met in their MPN Journey and experience.

*If the offered answers for some of the questions are not applicable for your country, then SKIP the question and continue to the next one !

We thank you in advance for your participation.

Jon Mathias, Chairperson, MPN Advocates Global Advocacy Group
Cheryl Petruk Secretary, MPN Advocates, Global Advocacy Group, Canadian MPN Network.

If you have any question or technical problem with the survey you can contact Borislava Mircevska via
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