Student Led Conference Night - Spring 2019
Thursday, February 28, 2019 from 4-7 PM
WECC Room 2

Spring conferences will be held on Thursday, February 28! As in the fall, we will do student led conferences with multiple families at the same time. We will set up various stations focused on learning targets that we have covered, giving students a chance to shine as they show what they have learned. As your child completes activities, you can listen to his/her learning and ask open-ended questions/prompts, such as “Tell me about your writing.”, “How did you know what to do?”, etc. Answering these questions helps the students become more responsible and accountable for their learning, develop oral communication skills, and build self-confidence. Both teachers will be present to answer questions, and we will also share a progress sheet and some home activities to further your child’s learning. If you have additional questions, or have sensitive concerns to discuss, you will be able to set up an individual or phone conference to address those concerns. Also, to help keep the focus on your Watkins Star and his/her progress, it would be helpful to not bring siblings, if at all possible. To accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, we are setting up our conferences in an open house format. We will be at school from 4-7 PM on conference night (next Thursday, February 28). You are invited to come with your child any time during that time-frame. Most families stay for about 30 minutes, although you can stay longer or shorter as needed. We ask that you arrive no later than 6:30 so that we can finish and be able to leave at 7. We hope that everyone will attend this important learning activity!

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