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Regarding money... don't create struggle.
I do not advise people go into coaching by going into debt. I know that sometimes it does feel like the right thing to do. Sometimes we invest in hope. I get that. I've done it too, and it *usually* doesn't work out. There are other ways.

I know there are a lot of coaches out there that'd take your money even if it meant cranking up a credit card with no way of knowing how to pay for it. . BUT... it is a LOT of pressure on you, and it is also a lot of pressure on ME - especially if you are launching entrepreneurial projects and NEED them to pay you back QUICKLY. It simply doesn't always work. We all have different relationships and experience with money. It's organic. Like a garden. Sometimes you simply can't make the garden create any more tomatoes than it's ready for yet.

If you have a lot of history being able to generate income quickly, on the fly, with projects in the past, then it could be fine. If you have savings you are wishing to spend on self-development and next-chapter development for yourself, that should be fine. If you have a job or other income currently that'll tide you over, great.

Otherwise, if registering for this 1on1 coaching could bring a lot of struggle, I don't recommend this route for you. Instead, ask me about ONE session, or two. Off the rack, kind of thing. Or ask me about my cheaper do-it-yourself eKits to get started. That might be a better way to go in that case. Sound fair?

If you have ANY questions about this topic, please talk to me about them, and I'd be glad to share my thoughts.
I've read the 'regarding money' bit and I'm good with that (or am emailing Alex specifically to ask about it.) *
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