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Scholarship Program
Thank you for your interest in the Gillian Lee Smith Art School Scholarship Program. Each scholarship includes full access to an art ecourse by artist Gillian Lee Smith. Each scholarship award grants lifetime access (for as long as we are able to maintain the Gillian Lee Smith Art School site) and also access to the Facebook group where students interact and receive feedback from Gillian for the duration of the live class.

This opportunity was created to provide an avenue by which anyone genuinely interested in a space in Gillian’s ecourses, could convey their sincere desire to participate and to utilise the course as a step along their unique journey as an artist.

In her courses and workshops, Gillian encourages aspiring artists to use daily practice, writing, introspection and the study of other artists’ work and processes as the pathway to discovering one’s own style and expression. This is the basis of this scholarship program.

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