The Family Basketball Alumni Network
The Family Basketball Organization is a program that embodies a rich history and tradition. We feel that during these challenging times it would be great to take action to improve our communication with our alumni. Our mission is to reconnect our alumni to one another, connect our alumni to our current players as well as get more active in our community.

We are reaching out, extending an invitation to all of our alumni to get involved and "SUIT UP"....

This connection effort is led by Marcel Smith. Marcel is a 2011 alumnus that has been heavily invested in the program since 2016. Along with Courtney Williams (2002), Joesph Carr (2002), Eric Evans (2008), Chris Sinagoga (2008), a host of very talented, committed High School Coaches and The Grace Of God have helped the program sustain supremacy.

Once reconnected our alumni will be aware of the state of the program, it's needs, and opportunities. Help plan annual events and provide an option to pay it forward with our present youth today...

In order to move forward, we need you to fill out the attached questionnaire and this information will be private. Not shared with coaches or alumni.      

                                                      Visit THEFAMILYBASKETBALL.NET for more information.
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Thank you for your time and we look forward to being a strong network/fraternity for guys who have played in this program. Opportunities are endless, we are the change we wish to see. Please leave any final comments or concerns! *
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