Summer 2021 with UNT BSM
Hey friends,

We want to try and get a feel for how we can serve you guys other new students this summer. We know the summer breaks can be full of great vacations, summer jobs, Texas heat, and some extended time to rest and reflect. But they can also be times of laziness, isolation, and spiritual decline. Having no structures in place other than once per week church attendance (if that) can be very detrimental to your overall health and spiritual growth.

With that said, we want to provide a structured program of sorts that might help you make the most of your summer. Last summer, some of our friends in other college ministries put together something called the "Global Project.' We would like to offer some type of scaled back version of this for you. Here is an example of last years to give you a feel for it-

What you would be committing to to join the Global Project:
-Purchase a copy of the book- "The Fuel and The Flame" from CMT (
-Register for the project (more info on registration coming soon)
-Weekly reading of Fuel & The Flame
-One hour per week of video/discussion viewed as a group
-One hour D-Group time in smaller groups of 3-5 for accountability, discussion

We'd love it if you could answer a few questions that can "help us help you" and so that we can help you help your fellow students.

PS- We also hope to get together socially from time to time. Make sure you stay in touch with us on Social Media and through your Connect Group's Group Me/Messaging plaform.
Phone #
I'm going into this summer feeling like a ____ (Generally).
Terrible, never worse
Fantastic, never better
Clear selection
I'm going into this summer feeling like a _______ (Spiritually)
Terrible, feel very bad about where I am spiritually
Awesome, I've never felt closer to God
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Previous Summers in college have been (Choose all that apply). If this is your first "college" summer, you can answer based on previous summers in High School... they're close, but different.
If BSM helped facilitate participation in the Global Project with a 2-2&1/2ish hour per week commitment, I would participate. (Zoom & in person options likely available)
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Where are you going to be this summer?
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Any questions for us or things you'd like us to consider?
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