2020 Kick-off: $20+20% on a 5-day plan
If you are new to GatedList.com shoe list, you can now give any full 5-day plan (List 1 or 4) a spin for a month for only $20! After the first month, if it works out for you and you want to continue the subscription, you receive a 20% discount off the 5-day plan. This New Year special is for new clients only and the purpose is for them to have a first-hand experience of the list. For any former client who wants to resume the 5-day subscription, a 20% discount is available. Filling out the form below ensure management of available spots. Note1: aforementioned discount will be valid until the end of January, as long as spots are available. Note2: List #1 is non-Nike list and List #4 is Nike-only list. Note3: if spots are filled, names will be put on waiting list. Note4: all details of each list is available at https://gatedlist.com
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