Lucid District Visual Artist Contact Info
We are honored to have you in our Arts and Music Community: Lucid District!
Your support is monumental to creating impact and awareness!
Every act of kindness can go a long way!

We host music and art events though out the DMV including multi day music festivals

We are also a music and arts collective who help with music releases, art content, online commerce, and in person vending and event support


Art Vendors

Live Painters


Body Painters

Art Educators

Graphic Designers

Visualizer Technicians (VJ)





Audio Engineers



Art and Music are a powerful ways to evoke emotions and portray concepts with impact
Art and Music stimulates the audience and creates memorable experiences
Art and Music is always on the forefront of conscious cultural movements

We are looking for artists who share our ambition to open minds, direct eyes, engage interests, or educate audiences with classes and workshops
We support art that encourages radical change and societal growth towards a healthier and more responsible future

Please tell us about yourself and how you would like to be involved!!
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