Nombolo Ambassador Program
Welcome! This is our interest form for those who want to become ambassadors.

What is an ambassador? Right now we're asking you to be our teammate. Our go-to person for responding to our community's 'Asks' and making posts of your Portland. Yes, we mean your Portland. We get it. Everyone's experience is unique and tailored to you. That's why we want to see what your Portland looks like. Embrace it! We hope that in return you can connect with others who have similar interests. That's what we're about. Connection.

So, what does a Nombolo ambassador do? We ask that you have one hour a day (at least 5 days a week) from Sept. 26th, 2020 until Nov. 26th 2020, where you can respond to 'Asks' and make posts of your Portland. It would mean the world to us! Please fill out this form to the best of your ability and we will reach out soon! Until then, take care and thank you for taking the time.
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