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Are you willing to go through our 6 Week Coaching Course before hiring ($799)? It is an at your own pace virtual certification course to make sure all of our trainers, and coaches are teaching the same methods and allows us to guarantee the same quality of coach to our members. Throughout this course, you will learn how to be an accountability coach, more detail about our brand and the ideal client we serve and how, and a detailed run-through of safety & modifications for our clients. Upon completion, you will receive your H6 certification, a brand kit for you to use for marketing, a seal of accreditation from us to show you are a certified coach of H6 FITNESS, and access to our exclusive weekly coach development and connection calls with continued group development.  *Most Accountability coaches make back their investment in 3-6 months depending on their # of clients & bonuses  ** Results are not guaranteed, it is up to your work to reach your financial goals. *
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How would you describe your self-motivation? *Give me an example of each of the 3 following*: 1) A time you maintained routine in a difficult time. 2) You achieved a goal.  3) Your ability to get tasks done without being guided/ handheld. *
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