Marilyn Pool Allen Directing Scholarship Application
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2018
Applicant Information
Cell Phone
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Sponsor Information
Name of Contact
Theatre Organization
Cell Phone
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Scholarship Information
Please list the community theatre(s) with which you have been associated, if different from the sponsor listed
Program, Course, Event, etc. for which support is requested
Amount requested
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Documents to accompany this application:
- A resume with detailed curriculum vitae

- Letter(s) of reference/support from sponsoring TNT Member theatre/college

- Letter of Intent with details on the program, course, conference, or event the Scholarship will be used to attend and the amount needed. Please include budget information.

- One-page essay on "How will this project, course, conference, or event further your journey as a director?"

Attach or send all attachments to Preston Isham at

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Letter of Reference/Support
Letter of Intent
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