KEITH FARQUHAR - Meisner Workshop - Vienna 2023 December 05 - 10
We are excited to announce a Meisner Workshop which is led by Keith Farquhar, a very experienced and profound actor and coach. He is eager to share his knowledge with you and get you further in your work!
Find more about his amazing work and experience in acting and coaching:
the acting school in which he is an instructor:

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This class focuses on being truthful from moment to moment, using Sandford Meisners technique. 
We offer 3 different levels of training:

Foundation*: If you are totally new to this technique and want to get to know what it´s all about, then that is your class to choose!

Basics: This class takes you to the next step by focusing on repetition and 3-moment exercises. It is to refine your skills to see more what´s going on with your scene partner. 

Advanced: If you are already trained with the exercises mentioned above and want to go further, then you should check in here. Our advanced classes will offer different topics throughout the course. Independently we will work on POV-repetition, tactics and actions and mindsets. This is not a sequential schedule. You can sign up as you like. 

Playground: This class gives you the opportunity to explore different ways of using Meisner´s technique playfully. Topics of this class are determined by the group dynamic. 

*Special price: € 50,- (excluded from additional class; first booked Beginner or Advanced class will be charged with € 90,-)

important notes
Location: 1080, Piaristengasse 32, Vienna

Time: either 11:00 - 14:00 or 18:00 - 21:00 
please come 15min early so we can start on time 

What to bring with you: come as you feel comfortable, maybe you want to take some notes

We will provide tea, coffee and some snacks, so if you want to have something more please take care for yourself. We will make a lunch break around early afternoon. 

select: Foundation Dec. 05, € 50,-
select: Basics Dec. 06
select: Basics Dec. 07
select: Advanced 1 Dec. 08
select: Advanced 2 Dec. 08
select: Advanced 3 Dec. 09
select: Advanced 4 Dec. 09
select: Playground Dec. 10
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payment and cancellation policy
You will get a separate information mail regarding your workshop fee! We ask you to transfer the payment to bank account which will mentioned in the mail.
Only after we have received the workshop fee you are registered! 

1st booked class (except Foundation): € 90,-
every additional class: € 55,-
student discount: 10% (except Foundation class)

Foundation: € 50,- 
This class is open for all! Therefore we want to offer a special price on this class for € 50,-, even if it´s the first booked class. Please note, that this offer is excluded from additional classes. The first booked Basics, Advanced or Playground class will be charged with € 90,-.

If you have to cancel your participation, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible!
We will refund your payment according to these deadlines:
- refund with cancellation by 28.11.2023: 100%
- refund with cancellation by 03.12.2023: 50%
- after that, we are unable to refund you the payment!

If for certain reasons (for instance you´d been tested positive on Covid) contact us regarding your refund.
I have read the payment and cancellation policy and agree to these terms.  *
privacy policy
We inform you that we will use your contact details only to inform you about details regarding the workshop and further about upcoming workshops. 
No contact details will be shared to third parties.

During the workshop photos will be taken and some of them might be posted on social media.

Unless no inquiries are made, this is considered to be agreed on. 
contact us!
You can contact us any time via e-mail:
Also you can reach us via Instagram: actingworkshopsvienna

We are excited working with you and wish you all the best! Looking forward seeing you at the workshop!
Take care!

Soli & Ed
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