Reaction Survey (Pre-Training)
Training for Young Lawyers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (September 24- October 5, 2018)
Reaction Survey (Pre-Training)
Demographic information
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5. Number of trainings received during last one year (mention the training title) *
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6. Number of trainings received during last three years (mention the training title) *
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Program Administration
What was the level of information provided to you about the training program by KPJA? Please choose the appropriate level for each attribute given below.
a. About the schedule of training program. *
b. Sharing of pre requisites material for training. *
c. Relevance of the pre requisite material to the training program. *
d. About the location of training program. *
8. What do you think what should be the appropriate schedule for training program? *
Teaching Methodology (you can chose more than one)
9. Which teaching methodology you would suggest to be followed during the training program? *
10. Any other suggestion you would like to give for training program. *
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As a result of attending a training course, apart from subject specific what sort of new knowledge and skills do you expect to gain? (rank in order of your priority from 1-8 [1 is the highest & 8 is the lowest])
a) Communication *
b) Analytical *
c) Strategic *
d) Decision making *
e) Networking *
f) Interpersonal *
g) Leadership *
h) Management *
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