We, The Citizens x Animal Crossing

Since the partial lockdown came into force I have got more and more obsessed with Animal Crossing as a soothing way to relax and connect with friends. It led me to wonder if this could be a way for some of the We, The Citizens community to come together from time to time — so I'm going to try this once first, and if it works, maybe we could organise more sessions (and maybe on different islands)!

How this is going to work: Fill in the form below if you'd like to join the gathering, and I'll email you a Dodo Code on the day itself. Head on over with items that you would like to give away!

Only seven visitors can be hosted on an island at any one time, so this is going to be on a first-come, first-served basis!
Email *
Which gathering would you like to join? *
Are there particular items that you're looking for? (No promises, but I'll put people's wishlist in the email with the Dodo Code, just in case someone else has the item to give away or catalogue!)
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