End of the Year Awards
Form for the selection of the student choice for Awards The Grade restriction for each award is listed beside the name of the award. If there is not a grade listed it is open 9-12.
John Philip Sousa Award - Sr. Member only in band for full year *
Patrick S. Gillmore Award - Jr. Member only in band for full year *
Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award - 9-12 *
Quincy Jones Musicianship Award - 9-12 *
Henry J. Harney Percussion Award - 12th Grade Percussion *
National High School Marching Band Award - 9-12 *
National High School Color Guard Award - 9-12
MVP of the Wind Ensemble
MVP of the Symphonic Band
MVP of the Percussion Ensemble
MIP of the Wind Ensemble (Most Improved)
MIP of the Symphonic Band (Most Improved)
MIP of the Percussion Ensemble (Most Improved)
Merit Award #1 *
Merit Award #2 *
Musicianship #1 *
Musicianship #2 *
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