Danbury Public Schools Strategic Plan Feedback
To enhance our students' experiences, a District Leadership Team has been developing a Strategic Plan. The goal of the survey is to collect stakeholder feedback. Prior to presenting to the plan to the Board of Education, we would like to incorporate your ideas.

Last school year, the Board of Education approved the Vision and Mission and asked the leadership to move forward on developing the plan.

Vision: Danbury Public Schools aspires to advance ALL learners to their highest potential.

Mission: To move Danbury Public Schools forward, we will work in partnership with families and the community to provide transformational and prepared graduates.

Our priorities, identified through the stakeholder feedback include Teaching and Learning, Staff Development, Talent Acquisition, School Culture, Meaningful Collaboration, and Resource Allocation.

Received feedback will be shared in aggregate. Thank you for your support.
Teaching and Learning - We will provide equitable learning environments and experiences that are rigorous, inclusive, culturally responsive, that prepares learners for post-secondary success by: (1) Implementing and sustaining pre-kindergarten through grade 12 instructional programs that are inclusive, rigorous and culturally/linguistically relevant; (2) Strengthening school based implementation of curricula, enrichment and interventions; and, (3) Improving the quality of services and academic outcomes for all students to be college and career ready.
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the Teaching and Learning strategy.
Staff Development - We will develop and enhance the skills of our educators, and competencies of all school staff, through a lens of cultural responsiveness, to reach the needs of our diverse learners by: (1) Developing a robust professional learning plan for teachers, school leaders, central office and staff that builds the capacity of the District to carry out the vision and sustain improvement; and, (2) Increasing collaboration with teachers and administrators to enhance pedagogical practice.
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the Staff Development strategy.
Talent Acquisition - We will recruit, employ and retain a culturally responsive workforce that embraces diversity and best supports the educational needs of our students by: (1) Continuing to refine and enhance the teacher / administrator recruitment strategy to promote a broader pool of culturally responsive and diverse applicants ; (2) Developing and distributing candidate screening and interview strategies to all hiring stakeholders that reflect the essential importance of cultural responsiveness for all applicants in all positions; (3) Developing new career pathways and enhancing existing teacher pipelines for culturally responsive and diverse students and existing employees as applicants, and support their acquisition of skills and credentials for promotion to new student centered career opportunities in the district; and, (4) Developing new strategies that deepen the sense of community among current teachers to foster higher employee retention rates nd to promote colleague-centered recruitment of other culturally responsive teachers and staff. Will this proposed strategy and action steps move the district forward in achieving our vision and mission?
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the Talent Acquisition strategy.
School Culture - We will promote a welcoming and nurturing safe school environment for students, staff and families by: (1) Developing strategies to fully engage all students; (2) Promoting and enhancing programs that create safe schools by strengthening safety protocols and procedures at all schools; and, (3) Strengthening student assistant process to support students with mental health needs.
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the School Culture strategy?
Meaningful Collaboration - We will partner with families, community organizations, and the public and private sectors to fost vested interest in schools and collectively create opportunities for deeper engagement for student learning and success by: (1) Working collaboratively with schools, businesses and community organizations to strengthen meaningful engagement through joint decision-making; (2) Building and enhancing the capacity of District educators and families to support student learning; and, (3) Developing effective methods of communication with parents, staff and students, in multiple languages.
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the Meaningful Collaboration strategy.
Resource Allocation - We will establish a transparent, coherent, and efficient budget that ensures equitable distribution of resources, allocated to support and sustain the District's vision and mission by: (1) Engaging an operational needs analysis with the purpose of finding efficiencies that will maintain and improve the quality of services for students, staff and families; (2) Developing advocacy and partnership plans to leverage the voice of community stakeholders; (3) Developing a transparent and timely budgeting process and, (4) Developing short and long-term plans / projections for building maintenance and expansions.
Please share any suggestions you have for revising the Resource Allocation strategy.
Do you believe the District will achieve their vision and mission if we follow the proposed strategies noted above?
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