DIB Test
All of us admire some persons and disapprove of others because of the way they act and the things they do. We have our own ideals of what people should be like. Try to think of the ideal person, the kind of person you would like to be.
Below are some lists of characteristics: interests, skills, hobbies, habits. Look at each characteristic and decide whether your ideal person would have this characteristic or like this activity. If your ideal person would have this characteristic or like this activity, check the word “Yes’. If it is not important whether your ideal person has this characteristic or interest, check the letter “U.” If your ideal person would NOT have this characteristic or like the activity, check the word “No.”
Check only one word or letter for each characteristic. Do not skip any characteristics.
Hobbies, sports, and other activities that would interest your ideal person.
Perform acrobatics *
Watch airplane stunts *
Play baseball *
Go bowling *
See a boxing match *
Do exhibition diving *
Go fishing *
Run a foot race *
Play golf *
Ride horseback *
Hunt *
Duel with swords *
Ice skate *
Clim mountains *
Play ping-pong *
Play pool, billards *
Roller skate *
Play tennis *
Swim *
Play volley ball *
Do weight lifting *
Wrestle *
Watch football games *
Act in plays *
Sing with groups *
Watch ballet dancing *
Play bridge *
Advise people *
Drink good liquor *
Learn foreign languages *
Play chess *
Paint pictures *
Join social clubs *
Keep a diary *
Shoot craps *
Wear informal clothing *
Go to a dance *
Entertain at home *
Go to a stag party *
Play poker *
Be alone on a desert isle *
Visit art galleries *
Enter a debate *
Model clay *
Go on a group picnic *
Visit pet shows *
Listen to concerts *
Collect stamps or coins *
Go to cocktail parties *
See movies alone *
Date girls often *
Repariert broken things *
See a burlesque show *
Make speeches *
Build a cabin *
Have nails manicured *
Keep a budget *
Design clothes *
Drink beer with friends *
Visit jam sessions *
Chew gum *
Watch sports *
Eat in restaurants *
Save money *
Exercise daily *
Go places alone *
Be married *
Prefer simple foods *
Have children *
Correspond with people *
Get massage treatments *
Be seen in the best spots *
Sketch pictures *
Live alone in the hills *
Go to political meetings *
Visit fortune tellers *
Cook a meal *
Carve wood *
Find foreign cafes *
Polish shoes regularly *
Tell jokes *
Visit foreign countries *
Go to a night club *
Meet a chorus girl *
Make a parachute jump *
Go canoeing with a girl *
Tame wild animals *
Bet on horses *
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