CTKG Ella Briggs Interview and Appearance Request Form
Requests for interviews with or appearances by 2019 Connecticut's Kid Governor (CTKG) Ella Briggs must be submitted through this form. We ask for your patience as all requests go through a rigorous review by Connecticut's Kid Governor® Staff, CTKG Ella's teachers, CTKG Ella's family. We consider which requests:

1) Best align with CTKG Ella's campaign platform and move her three-point plan of action forward (read more here: CT.KidGovernor.org/ctkgella).

2) Share CTKG Ella's Pride-Hope-Love platform with her primary constituents, Connecticut 5th grade students and teachers (secondarily, the kids of Connecticut).

3) Raise awareness of the Connecticut's Kid Governor® program.

Please remember that CTKG Ella is, first and foremost, a kid and a student. All requests must be balanced with the demands of her family life, school work, and time needed to work on her campaign platform. Not all requests will be approved. Requests must be submitted at least one month in advance of the event/interview date. All interviews for September-December 2019 will be tentative until they are reviewed with the administration of Ella's new school

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