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Currently, UC Berkeley is in a 10-year partnership with PepsiCo which violates our campus’ values of health, sustainability, racial equity and transparency. PepsiCo is a multinational corporation that profits off of unhealthy foods proven to harm consumers and created in environmentally destructive and exploitative ways.

This contract comes up for renewal in 2022. Our goal is to end this contract and partner with businesses that align with our values. We want to put local BIPOC owned businesses over big soda conglomerates.

UC Berkeley's Finance Committee has the final decision-making power on this Pouring Rights contract renewal. Last week, they met and were UNABLE to come to a decision! We are requesting that this letter be recirculated and signed onto ASAP to show UC Berkeley administration that UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff do NOT want this partnership to continue.

This letter is addressed to the Finance Committee, its members being Chancellor Christ, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Professor Catherine P. Koshland, Vice Chancellor and CFO Rosemarie Rae, and Vice Chancellor of Administration Marc Fisher.

To read the support Letter: http://bit.ly/POPsupportletter
To read the extended versions of the support letter bullet points: http://bit.ly/POPsupportletterext 

Examples of PepsiCo’s unethical and unsustainable business practices:
1) Exploitation: used child labor abroad and limited labor unions
2) Environmental Sustainability: contributed to the deforestation of at least 25,000 acres of Indonesian forest and used harmful pesticides that are illegal in the U.S
3) Racial Health Inequities: Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), associated with the development of heart disease and diabetes, are the single dietary item proven to cause obesity. Black, Latinx and Indigenous people are far more likely to develop and die from these diseases than whites.
4) Slow and Immediate Violence: Big Food corporations engage in 1) slow violence through their discriminatory placement of polluting factories and heavy amounts of trucking in BIPOC communities and 2) immediate violence through their racist hiring practices and empty promises to support the BLM movement.

Sign on now to show Carol Christ and the Finance Committee members your opposition to this contract and share with 5 of your friends!
Together, we can (and will) transform the UC Berkeley food system.

Sign on as an organization here: bit.ly/POPorg

Interested in joining us? Have questions or feedback? Email pouroutpepsical@gmail.com
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