"The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking" workshop - Feedback Questionnaire
Sea Change Networking is a community of extra-ordinary people. Third Wavers. That you opted to participate in the "Breakthrough Networking" workshop is an indicatoin that you are an out-of-the ordinary human being. THANK YOU for your leadership and the difference you are making in the world.

If you are feeling called to accelerate this "wake up" from the Second Wave, Industrial-Age "Matrix" into the interconnected, humane realm of Third Wave thinking, then we invite you to plug into the handful of ways we've created to support this transformational shift - while at the same time giving you mastery in unleashing an army of raving fans who grow your business and expand awareness about your particular talents and genius.

Thank you for taking a moment to:
1) SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK as to what you liked best from the "Breakthrough Networking" workshop
2) INDICATE in what way you'd like to plug into (or learn more about) the resources of the Sea Change Networking community of Third Wave thinkers/connectors/influencers.

With deep appreciation,
Cynthia Greenawalt

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What was your biggest take-away from participating in the "Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking" workshop?
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