We Are #MiamiTech Manifesto
Miami is a haven for innovators, builders and those who wield technology as a powerful tool of social change.  

The 2020 disruption of our traditional anchors to place has spurred a rapid influx of newcomers, whom we welcome warmly with open arms. As the national spotlight continues to draw speculation about Miami’s capacity to thrive as a global hub for tech and innovation, we recognize that an important voice is missing from this dialogue -- our voice.

This Manifesto is of, by, and for, the people behind the #miamitech movement.

It serves as a living statement of purpose and accountability.  It is a representation of our commitment to who we are as an ecosystem and where we strive to be.  It is a declaration of the principles we aim to uphold and the values we endeavor to embody.  As we evolve, so will it.

We are a collective of local tech builders and leaders who have intentionally laid the groundwork over many years towards a shared vision of building an equitable, collaborative, diverse and thriving community for makers, technologists, and advocates in the 305.

View the live manifesto here: http://www.wearemiamitech.com

Take the pledge and sign the Manifesto by completing the form below.  We are working diligently to add names of adopters on a rolling basis.
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