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Do you have pets?
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Have you bought or sold a home in the past?
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Do you need to sell a property before you can purchase another?
Are you currently in a lease?
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How soon do you want/need to be in a new home?
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Do you or any members of your family have any disabilities, conditions, or other circumstances that would require specific home features?
If yes, which features do you or your family members require?
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Have you arranged financing yet?
Do You need assistance in locating financing?
Have you been pre-qualified, pre-approved, or otherwise informed as to what your maximum purchase amount is?
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If yes, will your financial company issue a pre-qualified/pre-approval letter stating this amount?
Do you have enough funds in your account to cover earnest money (typically 1 percent of the purchase price)?
Will you require down payment assistance?
What style of home would you prefer?
Are stairs acceptable?
Is a master bathroom important to you?
What square footage do you prefer?
Do you want a basement?
If yes, which style?
Is a garage important to you?
Are there any other specific features that were not addressed in this questionnaire that you would like to be factored into your property search?
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