Pocket Money Market Busking Bookings
Application form for young performers of all kinds. We have Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Markets at different venues and they have different busking requirements and infrastructure. Performers up to 20 years old may apply here and please also send a short clip with video or audio to linda@livelightly.co.za or whatsapp 0833840590

Please note applying here does not guarantee a space, you will be contacted with more information. Your clip will serve as an advert so feel free to include any links to other performances. Please also note photos and video of your performances may be shared on social and mainstream media.

For information please mail linda@livelightly.co.za or message 0833840590. Pleased note also there is a whatsapp group for event arrangements and follow the blog www.pocketmoneymarket.com for new events as well as Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveLightlyKids and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocketMoneyMarketSA

The buskers are managed by Benson Arendse and all buskers will need to complete a form on event days where earnings will be recorded. A small % may be deducted at Benson's discretion for expenses. You will be given slots and a performance area at established and well publicized events. Preference will be given to those who have attended at least one workshop and at a stage workshop attendance will become mandatory. Workshops are 11/12/13 July 2017, for details see this link: http://wp.me/P5TKRT-bU

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Please advise if you are able to play acoustic. Many venues are unplugged only. You need to provide your own instruments and amps unless specific arrangements are in place to share with other performers.
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