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We put a snowflake to commemorate that this is actually a fake spring... Can't wait for the nice weather!!
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We are glad you enjoy our events and attend them! If you would like to see another side of the ASO, we are having our annual SciTech Conference on April 15th where we will be having several leaders from industry, entrepreneurs and impressive researchers join us to discuss our theme and how they are impacting it through their work: "Reshaping the Arab World through Technology"
If you would like to buy Tickets, you can find them here:

*Early Bird prices are on until March 21st so act fast!!

If you would like to contribute to this yourself with any research or company that you are working with (that addresses the theme or is simply too cool for us to pass up on) then we suggest you register for the
exhibition here: https://goo.gl/forms/cIx7H5m8WOZEFm0j2

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