Wohooo saddle your horses - KinoDynamique is back! The starting shot will be fired on August 14, things will be galloping along like racing horses until August 21 - and all without doping. ;) One week of filmmaking at the gorgeous old trotting track stables of Creau in Vienna.

KinoDynamique is a space for freely creating films together - motivation and wanting to experiment is everything, or most of it. “Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it right now!” For more infos check
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What are you interested in doing? Don't feel intimidated. At KinoDynamique we strongly encourage you to try new things and learn from each other. *
We will provide basic film equipment but we also rely on you to share what you have. So if you got a camera, a sound recorder, a computer suitable for editing or some cool costumes or props you should definitely bring them along. So, what you got?
We can also provide insurance for your equipment if you give us the model name (e.g. Sony XDCAM EX1), the serialnumber which is usially found somewhere on the device (e.g. AG12457-C) und the price of purchase (e.g. 800€) of every piece of equipment that you would like us to get insured.
Almost done - is there anything you would like to ask our team?
We try to provide a respectful and safe evironment for all our participants. Discriminating behavior like racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia or any bullshit of that sort will not be tolerated. *
I'm at least 16 years old, I will pay the participation fee and I hereby confirm that I will be participating in KinoDynamique 2017. *
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