Reporting unacceptable behavior to Shift
* This form is for event participants who have concerns regarding observed unacceptable behavior by others in the community.
* Reports go directly to the Shift board of directors and will be reviewed by the Conduct committee.
* If you leave your contact information we will notify you if a decision is made regarding the event and or ride leaders.
Reporting Guidelines
1. Read the Code of Conduct to confirm that issue you observed is outlined therein.

2. If you are on the ride, approach the ride leader with your concerns if you feel comfortable.

3. If you know the name of the person(s) whom you observed engaging in continued unacceptable behavior, please provide where applicable on the form. The only personal information we collect in the reporting process are the name(s) of those involved. Please do not include further identifying information such as; address, phone number, hometown, etc.

4. If you can, please reference areas of the Code Of Conduct that you feel were not followed in where applicable on the form.

5. Be truthful in your report.

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Name(s) of the person(s) whom you observed continuing unacceptable the behavior
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Code of Conduct violations *
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