The customer satisfaction survey is a must for our school.
Your answers and remarks will allow us to adapt our offers and improve our service and delivery to satisfy you perfectly.
1) Introduce yourself (Name/Surname/Mail/where do you live?)
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2.1) WELCOMING : What was the quality of your welcome at Capbreton Surfer?
2.2) How do you rate the speed of appointment management ?
2.3) Do you see areas for improvement in terms of welcoming surfers ?
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3.1) SURF LESSONS : Date of the surf lesson
3.2) Hour of the surf lesson
3.3) How do you rate the quality of surf lessons given at Capbreton Surfer?
3.4) In your opinion, what would be the number of ideal practitioners in our surf lessons ?
3.5) Do you see any points to improve in the surf lessons?
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4.1) PROMOTION & CoMMUNICATION: how did you know the Surf School?
4.2) Have you already seen our advertising media ? if it's yes, which ones and where?
5) Would you recommend school to a friend?
Global Mark 1 to 10
Overall Impression
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