Faith Lutheran - 2021 Congregational Survey
This survey is designed to gain insight on how Faith Lutheran Church might best live out the Great Commission, serving Jesus with its unique gifts, opportunities and abilities in the unique mission context of the Bentonville community.
1. In my opinion, Faith Lutheran is primarily… *
2. What words best describe Faith Lutheran Church and its members? (Choose up to 3) *
3. Faith Lutheran's most impactful or important ministries include (choose up to 3) *
4. Personally, what do you most value about Faith Lutheran Church? (Choose up to 3) *
5. Faith Lutheran's current priorities seem to be... (Choose up to 3) *
6. Faith Lutheran's priorities going forward SHOULD be... (Choose up to 3) *
7. The biggest challenge I face in sharing my faith is
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8. The biggest challenges we face as a congregation include: (Choose up to 2)
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