95th District 2020 Legislative Survey
We want to hear from you about the issues we will discuss in the 2020 Legislative Session. Take this survey so we can have your input. Once you complete the survey, there will be information on how to follow up and engage during session. Thank you!
-Del. Cia Price
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What are the 3 most important issues facing the General Assembly this year?
To Improve our Education System, I support: (check all that apply)
To reduce gun violence, I support the following: (check all that apply)
Do you support or oppose the following?
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Expand affordable access to healthcare
Pass a law that ensures FDA-approved birth control will not be treated as an abortion
Banning “balance billing” to charge patient full cost of emergency care outside their insurance network
Drug price controls and pricing transparency improvements
Increase the tax on cigarettes to pay Medicaid-related costs
Repeal the law that requires women’s health centers that include 1st trimester abortion services to meet hospital standards
Banning of flavored e-cigarettes which targets youth
Allow a person to be detained against his or her will for more than 8 hours if a mental health treatment bed cannot be found
Increase funding to help fight substance use disorders/addiction
Repeal the law that requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion
To increase our energy independence, would you support or oppose the following:
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Drill for oil off the Virginia coast
Develop natural gas resources off the Virginia coast
Develop wind farms off the Virginia coast
Hydrofracking to unlock natural gas
Require electric companies to allow customers to sell excess solar power they generate through net metering
Invest in biofuels from sources such as algae or switchgrass
Require specific percent reduction in non-renewable energy reduction
To increase energy efficiency, would you support or oppose:
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A utility rate structure that encourages conservation
Mandatory “green building” requirements for new public buildings
Incentives to homeowners to reduce residential consumption
Additional fees to support a program to insulate and reduce energy loss in low-income homes
Additional revenue sources to increase investments in public transit
What initiatives do you support or oppose to help Virginia’s seniors?
Not Sure
Criminal penalties for contractors who financially exploit adults whose functioning is limited
Set minimum staffing standards for nursing homes
Enhance Medicaid reimbursement rates for in-home medical service providers
Enhanced family leave and tax support for family caregivers
In your opinion, the best ways to help jump-start Virginia’s economy would be:
Do you support or oppose the following:
Not Sure
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship of anyone who violates the laws and to hold undocumented immigrants until picked up by federal authorities
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship ONLY of those accused or convicted of violent crimes and then notify federal authorities of undocumented immigrants
Requiring all businesses with state contracts to use the E-Verify system, which verifies the immigration status of all potential employees
Immigration is a federal responsibility—local and state police should not be required to enforce federal immigration laws
Allowing undocumented children who have lived in the Commonwealth for at least three years, graduated from a Virginia high school, been accepted by an institution of higher education, whose family has paid Virginia income taxes, and is in the process of becoming a permanent resident of the U.S., to receive in-state tuition
Do you support or oppose the following:
Not Sure
Allow additional types of ID in addition to photo ID to vote
Allow everyone to vote early for up to 45 days preceding the election
Extend evening voting hours from 7PM to 8PM
Increase funding to allow localities to purchase new voting machines
Automatic voter registration
Same day voter registration on Election Day
National Popular Vote - Candidate with the most votes wins
Special Elections to determine the winner of a tie in a recount
Virginia is one of only two states that does not allow felons the automatic restoration of voting rights.
Do you believe Virginia should allow ex-offenders who have served their time the right to vote?
Virginia recently had its congressional districts and House of Delegates districts invalidated by a Federal court because of gerrymandering. Several states have created non-partisan or bipartisan commissions to draw districts. Do you believe Virginia should follow?
Some people have proposed additional user fees (i.e. tolls) to make up for lack of revenue in transportation. Which of the following would you support:
Many states are passing laws to help working families. Which of the following would you support?
Do you believe that oil and gas companies should be protected from disclosing what chemicals they use that can reach our water supply?
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