AA Game Jam Interest Survey
If you're interested in seeing a game jam with Ace Attorney flavor, please fill out this survey!
On which site do you most frequently consume or post AA content?
Select one or two that most accurately apply to you. Art, cosplay, fics, videos, meta analysis, anything AA-related!
Which of the following skills do you feel confident performing?
Either on your own or in a team setting! Check all that apply.
How many hours a week would you be able to spend on game development?
This will help us gauge how long the jam should last, so try to estimate as best you can.
Which of the following sites and services are you familiar with?
Check all that apply!
Are you interested in creating games with original assets, or reusing assets from the AA games?
Note that you CANNOT post games featuring reused assets on Itch.io for copyright reasons.
Additional Info
Questions, concerns, feedback, suggestions? Or just something you'd like to share with us?
Your answer
The folks at My First Game Jam have compiled an excellent list for anyone entering the gamedev field at http://myfirstgamejam.tumblr.com/resources.

If you haven't joined a game jam before, we highly recommend giving My First Game Jam a try each summer and winter, as it is led by members of the gamedev industry and very friendly to newcomers! If you are unsure where to start, their guides are an excellent resource.

In addition, check out the following sites...

Pixel Prospector - http://www.pixelprospector.com/ (guides, public domain assets, and more!)
Itch.io Jams Calendar - https://itch.io/jams (a frequently-updated list of every game jam hosted on Itch.io)
Open Game Art - https://opengameart.org/ (large online directory of creative commons art assets)
Incompetech - https://incompetech.com/ (composer Kevin MacLeod's site, filled with hundreds of free songs)
Freesound - https://freesound.org/ (large online database of creative commons sound effects)
Free Music Archive - http://freemusicarchive.org/ (a large online directory of bands that post creative commons music)

There are many online resources available to veterans and newbies to gamedev alike!

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