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We are working on developing a Gender Sensitivity Training. With this survey we hope to gather a wide range of input and experiences of other non-cis people* who work/have worked in cis-dominated activist/social justice groups. The survey is anonymous. Skip questions if you like.

CW: this survey asks you about experiences with misgendering and other negative experiences around gender identity.


We are three trainers from Stroomversnellers ( working on developing a Gender Sensitivity Training. We hope to develop a template/format for a gender sensitivity training that we give to all activist/social justice groups who need it. With this survey, we hope to gather a wide range of input and experiences from other trans and queer people* who work or have worked in cis-dominated activist/social justice groups. We feel it's important that this training will be developed by and for trans and queer people.

Although we see that in the last couple of years a basic understanding of gender issues has increased, we also see that among groups where cis people are more present than trans people, there still is a lack of both factual knowledge, and sensitivity of what to do or not to do.

With this workshop, we want to facilitate the next step in the process of understanding gender sensitivity. The goal is to aid groups in becoming aware of how group dynamics are influenced by gender composition and thus making the group more welcoming and inclusive for trans and queer people.

We reach out to you with this survey, because we feel it's important to create this training with the understanding that there are a lot of different experiences and perspectives when it comes to gender. We do not wish to make this training based on only the experiences of us, the three trainers. This survey is meant for people who are a minority in their social justice/activist organisation because of their gender identity. What do you think needs to change in these groups to feel more welcomed, seen, and understood?

We want to focus on your experiences in activist/social justice organisations/movements. If you are/were active in multiple groups, please answer the following questions for that one group that you wish to see change the most. (Or fill in the same survey multiple times, if you wish.)

The survey is anonymous. None of the answers are mandatory. If you wish to skip a question for whatever reason, feel free to do so. If you rather answer the questions in Dutch that is totally fine. It's quite a thorough survey. We think it could take 15-20 minutes of your time. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help us out with developing this training! <3

CW: this survey asks you about experiences with misgendering and other negative experiences around gender identity.

*We use the words 'non-cis people' and 'queers and trans people' interchangeably. We hope this reflects the wide range of possible non-normative gender identities. We welcome any type of feedback on our choice of words.
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Background info about you and your group
How would you describe your gender identity?
Are there any other parts of your identity you feel are important that shape your experiences in regards to your answers in this survey, or other parts of your identity you feel are relevant or us to know about?
Could you shortly describe the group you are/were active in? (Which topics/movements are they involved in, size of the group, gender composition of the group, how old is the group, how long have you worked with them, etc. You don't have to name the group.)
In your experience, how welcoming/inclusive is your group to non-normative gender identities?
Very inclusive
Very exclusive
Clear selection
Could you elaborate?
If we would ask the same question to cis members of the group: how would *they* rate the inclusivity of their group?
Very inclusive
Very exclusive
Clear selection
If there is a big difference between the last two questions: why do you think this is?
Pronouns, misgendering and gender identity
Are you being misgendered in your group?
Clear selection
How do people in the group get to know each other's pronouns? Is there an ‘official’ protocol or moment for this?
Does that work? If not, what might work better in your opinion?
How openly do you talk about your gender identity in your group? What needs to happen for you to feel more comfortable to do so? Do you feel the need to do so?
Do you change your behaviour/appearance or not mention certain things to your group in order to fit in?
Clear selection
If yes what do you change?
Did you ever (feel a desire to) leave the group because you felt they didn't acknowledge/recognize/respect you enough?
Clear selection
Improving the groups understanding/sensitivity
Which kind of behaviours in your group make you feel comfortable and which ones don't?
What do you think your group needs to learn in order to create a more safe and understanding environment for non-cis people?
What issues do you think allies should educate themselves more about?
Are there things that your group already does that make you feel safe/understood/respected/acknowledged?
Closing questions
We want the create a Focus Group to have collective feedback sessions with. In these sessions we hope to get more input and go more in-depth about these issues. Do you wish to be part of this Focus Group? (Please fill in e-mail address or leave blank) (Please note that filling in your e-mail address could cancel the anonymity of your answers. You can also e-mail us at or
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
Thank you very much for your time! <3 Feel free to send this survey to your friends!
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