AFA PLAY King of the Hill Challenge: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Sign up here for the AFA PLAY King of the Hill Challenge for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and stand a chance to win a S$100 cash prize!
Walk-in participants on the day are welcomed too!

30th November 2019 (Saturday)
1.00pm - 6.30pm: AFA PLAY CHILL ZONE (near AFA PLAY Stage)
6.30pm - 7.30pm: AFA PLAY Stage

1. 4-player free-for-all, 1st place stays on.
2. Each player only has one attempt. Once you are eliminated, you cannot join the challenge again.
3. Player with the highest continuous winning streak is the winner
4. If a tie occurs, tied players play 1 round of free-for-all, 1st place player is the final winner
5. Player may use their own controller for this challenge.

Champion - S$100 cash

1. 3 stocks
2. 7 minutes
3. FS Meter ON
4. Items ALL, HIGH
5. Stage Hazards ON

Stages random pick

1. Super Happy Tree
2. Temple
3. New Pork City
4. 75m
5. Hanenbow
6. Tomodachi Life
7. The Great Cave Offensive
8. Palutena's Temple
9. Gaur Plain
10. Wrecking Crew
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