HMS Facility Needs Assessment-Community
In preparing for planning for a potential new facility and options available to the district, HMS needs to start a process of gathering information on the needs of the district and areas to target in considering design of a new building and potential renovation of an existing facility.  Please answer the questions in the form below by the November 11, 2022.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter and supporting the community of Hagerman Municipal Schools.
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HMS Facility Update 
The district started in Spring 2022 of engaging the Public School Facility Administration (PSFA) in a dialogue of what the district next steps were in evaluating the renovation or new construction of our facilities.  The process lasted through the spring into the summer and based on preliminary findings, the district may be moving into the Top 100 in January 2023 based on the numerous factors that PSFA uses in evaluation for a standards-based project which would make the district eligible for a new or renovated school facility for Pre-K - 12.

These are projections as provided by PSFA, but in order to be ready for the next steps in the project, the district must engage in a process to evaluate the required needs of the district and potential options for new and renovated construction.  This survey is geared towards establishing a baseline of the district needs as well as defining some key areas/programming that need to be addressed in the planning phase of the project.  

Further, the district, as part of the project, is also exploring options for teacher housing so we can retain and recruit quality educators to our district.  Currently, we qualify for 5 units in a to be determined configuration.  This is part of the overall PSFA standard'-based project.  

The questions below are targeted to define some clear needs of the district and subsequent sections will focus on the design of spaces for a quality educational environment for all of our students.  More details will be coming forward on projected costs and capacity of the project as a baseline.  Currently, the district is eligible under the standards for 400 student facility with estimated costs (including teacher housing) of approximately $45 million.  These numbers and projections are subject to change but this is a good starting part for understanding the scope and magnitude of the entire project.  

Please complete the questions as best and honestly as you can so we have complete, accurate information of the needs and wants of the district. 
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