SWC Student Education and Research on Contemporary Health 20-21 Application
SEARCH stands for Student Education and Research of Contemporary Health. We are the committee that is focused on ensuring all information that reaches the student body is relevant and factual. SEARCH operates as a committee of members that conduct relevant research and share it with the student community through effective means. We educate students on their personal health using topics such as stress, sleep deprivation, balancing work and play. SEARCH aims to learn from the student population and give back as well through research, events, and other programs. Our dedicated and enthusiastic members are excited to bring you credible research on contemporary issues and provide methods of maintaining a social, mental, and physical balance in your college lifestyle.

For more information, visit swc.ucla.edu & www.facebook.com/UCLASEARCH.
Instagram: @uclaswc_search
Website: https://swcsearch.wordpress.com
Questions: volunteerwithswc@gmail.com
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