Garner Firemen's Festival Parade Rules/Guidelines & Application
The Garner Firemen’s Festival Parade will be held Saturday October 6th at 2:00 p.m. in downtown Garner. After reading these guidelines, if you have any additional questions, please contact the administration office at 919-772-1550.

The parade will begin at 2:00 p.m. Participants must arrive by 1:00 p.m. Vehicles not in the parade are asked to park away from the parade starting location. All entries should report to a parade official on Avery Street near the Avery Street Recreation Center. The travel route is Garner Road to New Rand Rd to Main Street back to Avery Street for dispersal. Due to safety concerns the Garner Fire-Rescue Department requires that all parade participants not leave the floats at any time or place, except when making a complete stop at the end of the parade route.

The Deadline for all entries is September 14, 2018. Late entries will be added if room is available.

All Drivers must be Eighteen years of age or older.

The parade speed will be set by parade officials. Maintain 20 feet between each unit. You may not stop at any point during the parade unless directed by police or parade officials stationed along the parade route.

Parade officials and Garner Police officers will be located throughout the route. Follow their instructions at all times.

Vehicles must pull floats or carry participants. Please have your vehicle in good running condition and with ample fuel.

Signs should be printed and decorated in large readable print. Remember that viewers will be approximately 20 feet away.

Absolutely no throwing of candy or other objects from moving vehicles. Participants may walk along and hand out candy or other items.

No tobacco products shall be used by any participant.

For safety reasons, cheerleading squads must remain on the vehicle; no stunting or acrobatics are allowed.

No suggestive music or dancing will be tolerated.

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I acknowledge that I have read and understand the 2018 Garner Firemen’s Festival Parade rules/guidelines. I understand that candy or other items may only be distributed by walking participants. I agree that all individuals affiliated with my entry that are riding will remain in the vehicle or on the float at all times and that getting on or off a moving float/vehicle during the parade is not permitted. I also acknowledge that Garner Fire-Rescue reserves the right to make changes or additions to the rules/ guidelines at any time and that I will be notified of these changes. RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY The agreeing participant, on behalf of him/herself and organization, in consideration of the grant of permission to participate in the Garner Firemen’s Festival Parade to be held October 6, 2018 does hereby release and waive all claims that (he, she, or our company, our club or organization) has or may hereafter claim to have for itself or anyone claiming by or through the agreeing participant for damage or injury, direct or indirect, known, or unknown, now or hereafter arising, said release to be in favor to Garner Fire-Rescue, its members, employees, agents, officers, and directors. The agreeing participant, on behalf of him/herself and organization, for the same Consideration agrees that it will hold harmless, protect and indemnify Garner Fire-Rescue, its members, employees, agents, officers, and directors at the sole expense of the agreeing participant from any and all claims, demands, liens, attachments or judgments which now or hereafter arise from the participation of the agreeing participant and organization in the above-named activity whether such action is direct or indirect. The agreeing participant will indemnify and reimburse Garner Fire-Rescue in full for all expenses, including attorney fees, it may incur by means of its defense. The agreeing participant has read the above and understands that this is an unconditional release and indemnity agreement. The agreeing participant is 18 years or older, under no disability and has not signed on reliance or any representation contrary to the agreement set out above and acknowledges he/she is authorized to execute on behalf of their group. *
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