2020 RYLA - Rotary District 5790
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The 2020 RYLA application process has THREE steps!
STEP 1) Student completes and submits the online Request for Application (RFA).

STEP 2) RYLA application emailed to Student. Student and Parents complete, sign and return the full application.

STEP 3) Local Rotary Clubs select and approve students for sponsorship to RYLA 2020.

The 2020 District 5790 RYLA Leadership Program will be held at Tarleton State University June 25th-28th, 2020. After you submit this Request for Application, a full APPLICATION will be forwarded to the email addresses submitted on this form. After you return the completed full APPLICATION, the local Rotary Club will review and select students approved for sponsorship to RYLA 2020.
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Students may only attend RYLA one time as a Camper.
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Students MUST be a Junior or Senior in the fall of 2020.
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Student must be 16 by July 1, 2020
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If you are chosen for a RYLA sponsorship, your local Rotary Club will pay a sponsorship fee of $425 to secure your spot for the 2020 RYLA camp. The RYLA experience is like no other! If you have a conflict such as a vacation, another camp or summer sports, please DO NOT complete this RFA.
Thank you for your interest!
A full APPLICATION (PDF) will be forwarded to the email addresses listed above.The APPLICATION must be completed, signed by a parent or guardian, and returned via mail or email. Forms must be printed or completed electronically so the original formatting is not altered or removed. SUBMITTED FORMS THAT HAVE REMOVED OR ALTERED THE ORIGINAL FORMATTING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Email and mailing address will be provided on the APPLICATION. The local Rotary Club in your area may contact you to schedule an applicant interview or discuss your APPLICATION. If you are not contacted by a representative of the local Rotary Club by May 15, 2020, you may email info@RYLA5790.org for further instructions and information.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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