New Full Membership Application and Full Membership Renewal
We would like to renew our membership in the South Carolina Association of Pregnancy Care Centers. I understand that as Full Members we are included in the annual retreat, special activities, topic-specific conference calls and the periodic financial endowment made by the Association.

*New Membership Application Fee - Initial fee of $150 is due upon receipt of application. (Scholarships are available
pending committee approval).

*Full Membership Renewal - $1.00 per each $1000 of the annual budget. (For example, an $85,000 budget would pay
$85.00 for annual dues). The dues are capped at $500.00. Renewal payment is due in January.

Please make check payable to SCAPCC and send to:
Cassandra Deans, Treasurer
35 Lemoyne Dr. Beaufort, SC 29907
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