Southeastern Archaeological Mentoring Network
The Southeastern Archaeological Mentoring Network (SAMN) facilitates professional networks, strengthens resources, and provides guidance for student archaeologists. Developing mentoring strategies is a fundamental part of encouraging racial, ethnic, gender, ability, sexual, and religious diversity in archaeology.

With recent surveys highlighting the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the field, as well as numerous student committee sponsored forums at SEAC and the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) on gender disparities in our field, it has becoming increasingly clear that junior colleagues (particularly graduate students and recent graduate students) desire outside mentorship.

SAMN is a safe, collegial, and inclusive space for all inquiring about and discussing issues relevant to experiences in southeastern archaeology. SAMN is open to all student archaeologists (and recently graduated archaeologists) seeking mentorship with the primary goal of providing support for student archaeologists - student members of, or who identify with historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

SAMN is also seeking professional southeastern archaeologists from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds (academic, tribal archaeology, CRM, government, non-profit, museums, etc.) willing to serve as mentors.

Partners will be paired on the basis of a combination of interests (both personal and professional), career status, and goals for participation in SAMN. We ask that interested participants agree to an initial commitment of one year. After this period, members can decide whether or not to continue mentoring partnerships. We also ask that participants sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of all parties.

If you have registered in previous years and are happy with your current arrangement, you do not need to re-register! If you would like a new mentor/mentee (you may have more than one), have not been paired previously (and want to be paired), or are new, please register below.

SAMN has a Steering Committee whose leadership changes on biennial basis. The co-organizers and 2020-2021 steering committee members are Rebecca Barzilai (Illinois State Archaeological Survey, postdoctoral research associate), Lindsey Cochran (University of Georgia, postdoctoral research associate), Jennifer Green (University of Tennessee, doctoral student), and Autumn Melby (University of Pennsylvania, doctoral student).
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