IOGDS Dataset Catalog Metadata Submission Form
Help TWC RPI expand its IOGDS catalog! Please use the form below to submit metadata about Open Government Data catalogs of interest.
Title (dcterms:title) *
Name of the catalog
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Catalog Homepage URL (foaf:homepage) *
URL of the web page for accessing the catalog. Unique identifier for a catalog
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Description (dcterms:description) *
Description of the catalog
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Publisher (dcterms:publisher)
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Language (dcterms:language) *
The language of the catalog. This refers to the language used in the textual metadata describing titles, descriptions, etc. of the datasets in the catalog.
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Spatial Region (dcterms:spatial)
The primary geographical region covered by all datasets in this catalog
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License (dcterms:license)
URL for a document describing the license under which the catalog can be used/reused. Even if the license of the catalog applies to all of its datasets it should be replicated on each dataset.
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Theme (dcat:themeTaxonomy)
The knowledge organization system (KOS) used to classify catalog's datasets.
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URL for Catalog Listing
Web-accessible, machine-readable listing of datasets in this catalog
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