2018 Pumpkin People Contest Registration Form
Theme: Sports
Pumpkin People Display: Is open to all ages, individuals, families, clubs, groups & businesses. Each person, family or group may only enter one time. Participants must have all Pumpkin People Displays ready for viewing no later then October 23rd, 2018. Pumpkin people display must be available for viewing from Wednesday October 24th, 2018 till Friday October 26th, 2018. Township of Tyendinaga reserves the right to refuse any Pumpkin people display deemed offensive or in poor taste.
Judging: Pumpkin People displays will be judged by our 5 Council Members. Pumpkin People will be judged on Difficulty, Originality, Creativity and Entertaining. The combined score of the 5 judges will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners.

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Please Submit a photo of your Display to the Township for Judging Purposes. *
You can submit a photo through email at recreation@tyendinagatownship.com If you have any questions please contact Raeanne at 613-396-1944
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