Sai-coeducation (Psychoeducation) Workshop "Applying Ahimsa in Our Everyday Lives."
Swami emphasized the importance of practicing universal Human Values in all aspects of our lives. We all do our best to follow this guidance. In spite of that, there are many times that we fall short. Especially challenging can be the practice of Non-Violence (Ahimsa) in our everyday communication, either because of strong emotional feelings, old habits, or lack of empathy. This four-hour mini-workshop being conducted by 2 very experienced psychotherapists in our region: Carol Nagle and Suzanne Slyman. This workshop will focus on drawing from Swami’s teachings, as well as evidence-based psychology approaches, to learn tools for quieting the mind, listening to our feelings and needs, and communicating them with less conflict. We will also learn how to listen to and support others’ feelings and needs in more helpful ways. The format will include both information and experiential exercises.

Workshop leaders:
Carol Nagle, Ph.D., LCSW.
Suzanne Slyman, M.A, LMFT.

Date: June 2nd 2018

Venue: Fremont United Methodist Church (FUMC)
2900 Washington Boulevard, Fremont

Time: 9:30AM to 3PM (lunch included)

9:30AM to 10AM: Registration
9:45AM: Program introduction
10AM to noon: First Understanding..... (prelunch session)
Noon to 1PM: Lunch
1PM to 3PM: Then Adjustment....... (post lunch session)
3PM: Closing

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